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Thread microphones

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Topic microphones
Just to let you know, those of you who've looked at my Mobile Pre post, I *think* I've gotten things situated... the only... annoyances... I get is when piling multiple tracks up in Audacity... sometimes the computer will have trouble... hehe.... keeping up.

Anyways... I'm now looking for a microphone. I'm shopping around the $100 dollar range... in fact, no more than $100 (preferably a bit less)... I've got to be able to buy books for this semester.... ;)

Specifically, now that price has been stated, I'm looking for an "all-purpose" sort of mic... one that can record most any acoustic instrument effectively, since I am hoping to put my services out to the public... yes... that's right.... I'm gonna take the plunge and try my hand at recording bands. For my own uses, however, I'm leaning toward a mic that will capture all the nuiances of an acoustic piano, regardless of brand (that in itself will undoubtedly have an effect on such-and-such recording... the pianos maker, and thus the overall tone & quality of the piano), and I am as well looking to capture a Hammond Organ and drums effectively.

Hope someone can be of some help!!!