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Thread Mobile Pre USB

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1 Mobile Pre USB
I just got this thing the other day, and while it should work fine, it really doesn't... that much I know for sure. Sometimes, it will record and play back audio perfectly, but most times, when I go to record or play back audio, and... sometimes even when I simply plug in my Mobile Pre and start up my audio application (usually Audacity or Ableton Live), there will be the most annoying noise coming through the headphones.... the best way I can describe it is a growling buzzing noise. Also, I've noticed what sounds kind of like a glissando up and down a piano. Here's the craziest thing, though.... once I exit out of either audio apps, growling buzz and glissando noise (really, it's all these type things combined) will go away, and I can practice like normal. I have checked to make sure of this, and when I un plug the mobile pre from the computer (turning off my piano first, of course), I'll plug the Yamaha S08 back into the Peavy KB1 amplifier (there is a reason I'm giving you my studio setup, by the way), turn the piano back on, plug in the amp, and I can play just fine.

I have made sure to reinstall the drivers... I just cleaned out my laptop the other day thinking that I had too much junk stuck on it, and this mess is still happening.

When I installed the drivers for the USB Pre, I had thought that it would ask me to plug in the Pre sometime during installation, and it did not.

To be thorough, I am running Windows XP.... service pack.... 2, I think... 1 or 2.... I use a Yamaha S08 synthesizer/digital piano, and a Peavy KB1 amplifier.... and of course that pain-in-the-neck Mobile Pre.

Oh, yeah... and latency is set at 256. Instead of outputting sound to my Peavy, I use stereo headphones. All the channels I record in are mono (1 channel).

I hope someone out there can help me.... I've emailed Ableton, M-Audio... really everyone I can think of, but I understand if no one gets back to me soon as I would like as it is the Christmas season.

Again, I hope someone can help me... I really don't want to have to take this thing back to Knoxville....