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Thread Firewire and audio I/O

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1 Firewire and audio I/O
Ok here it is I can read the instructions on mixer computer firewire hook up but I lost on what goes on with firewire I have the EDIROL fa-101 can I send audio from cubase to the exterior mixer through firewire and audio from the fa-101 into cubase . If I sound confused thats because I am I've worked with an internal soundcard before(audiophile )

Ok if I understand your problem is you are trying to figure out how to set up the ins and outs for cubase using your fire wire. should be exactly the same as you did for your old sound card. But 1. you have to use the firewires asio driver 2. in cubase under device set up you point the ins and outs to the fire wire device. 3. outside of cubase in its same folder area there should be a asio driver configeration icon to establish its settings. 4. if you still have the old sound card installed that should be disabled unless you are using it as the monitor out put which can get a little tricky. good luck:):):)