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Thread Help with mixers...

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1 Help with mixers...
Hey, first post :cool: well I’m pretty new to this game, and want to get into home recording, basically, I have a soundproofed drum room, which is pretty much suitable for a studio, and I’ve done a fair bit of reading up, but would appreciate some help, because I don't know whether I’m just missing something obvious, or I am genuinely confused :D
Well mainly its about mixers, analogue, digital and what ever other types, I’m quite confused as to which way to go, what type of computer u need to link them up etc. Any help would be appreciated :D
Well so far what I've learned is that the faster the computer and more ram the better one thing about home studio even if you dont use midi controlled vsts my advise is what ever hardware you purchase . I would suggest that it has a midi option such as mixing boards effects etc I burned alot of money making this mistake