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Thread my set up at home - Is it ok and any suggestions

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1 my set up at home - Is it ok and any suggestions
Hi, I used to be kinda in the music business years ago, playing and managing bands. I'm now 48 and have time on my hands are over the recent year or so have got some new gear. A few lovely electric guitars, couple of acoustic, a basss, midi keybaord, decent small mixer, effects rack and mics etc. All put together around a pwerfull PC with loads of Ram, hard drive space, montiors etc and a half resonable sound card. I'm using an old copy of Cubasis and Cubase Go which came free with a book on cubase. It seems enough for what I want to do, which is wrote some songs and mix and burn to CD.

I could list everything but what I really need is some tuition or a kind of step by step guide to recording midi and audio to hard drive. I've decided to start with a cover or two to practice my techinique in actuall rfecording and the whole deitiing & mixing thing.

Is this a good idea and can anyone push me in the write direction? I have some books but really a step by step thing would be much better for me.

Any hep is gratefully appreciated.