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Thread Totally New To Recording

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1 Totally New To Recording
Hi all,

First of all, i appologise now for my lack of recording knowledge and i know if i look through all these threads i will find my answers but that may take ages. I am totally new to all of this and would like some help please. I'll tell you what i've got then hopefully someone will help me with what i need (on a budget of course). Laptop with 512 Ram, Cubase SX, Les Paul and a Vox AD30VT amp. I am hoping to turn a small bedroom into a bit of a studio just to play about with and have some fun. I realise i need a Preamp of some sort but which one? i'm also not sure if i can just buy a Mixer with preamps in it so i can also record Bass and Vocal ect... Can anyone please tell me exactly what i need to start? All i want to do is basically record my own songs.

Thanks a lot

PS i have only just purchased Cubase and have no idea how to use it yet.
Well your either going to need a sound card or an interface for your computer. I would recommend the pre-sonus firepod but if you just look into it a little bit you'll find there are a bunch out there for cheaper or more expensive whichever you prefer. Like the saying goes you get what you pay for though. You'll need some mics also. The sure sm-57 is a good all around mic that's cheap. Depending on what you waant to record that should be a good start.Hope this helps you out.