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Thread How do i hook up my equipment?!

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1 How do i hook up my equipment?!
Hi, im a music tech student so really i should know all this!!but i have:-

My computer
An Alesis I02 USB Interface/Soundcard
A Behringer MX2004A Analog Mixer
A Cambridge Audio A1 Amplifier connected to some old speakers

I'm wondering what cables i will be needing,and how all this equipment should be hooked up...i have read that i should use the 'ALT 3-4' outputs to send from the mixer to soundcard, and then the output from the soundcard to the mixer into 2 line channels...is this correct?and if so does this mean i'll require a twin 3/4" jack to 3/4" jack, and twin 3/4" jack to phono, and 2 3/4" jacks?!

Many thanks
the alesis has 2 built-in preamps. what do you need a mixer for?

do you plan to record any drumkits?