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Thread real newbie Q on track manipulation

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1 real newbie Q on track manipulation
what kind of software can manipulate the beat tone and compression of a soundtrack and make it follow the tune of a chosen backing track.

if i use a crude example and take a recording of someone burping , how can i manipulate that to make it blend in with for example a track of christmas carols , so the burp changes tune tone or rhythm to match the backing track ?

also looking for a mobile recording device to connect to a laptop via firewire or USB2.0 , looking at something like the Presonus firebox , BLUETUBE DP, Inspire 1394 ,, any of those will do the recording job for a single mic , but the software packages are very different

any advice ?
you could multi sample the "burp". search for a free soundfont editor. load the "burp" into the creator, and convert the sound into a soundfont file(.sf2). next you will have to search for a free soundfont player VST. load the vst into your host program, and then load the "burp" soundfont into the player. now you'll be able to change the key in which the burp plays without changing the length. this is called multi sampling. hope it helps.

oh yeah, i did the hard part. enjoy;)

http://www.saunalahti.fi/kru99/SynthFontSetup_exe.php -editor
http://www.rgcaudio.com/sfz.htm -player
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoundFont -info
thankyou kindly , returned from holiday to your reply and downloading , setting up now.

appreciate your time

sincerest thanks
( and good luck with whatever projects you have on the screen )

: )