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Thread microphone troubles

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1 microphone troubles
I found an old mic in cupboard and decided id give a whirl, i downloaded Audacity to try it out with and when i tried recording with the mic it could only pick up high volumes. So high in fact that i had to play my acoustic abnormally high just to see if the mic would catch it and even then it was like a whisper. The mic isnt broken because it picks up vocals when placed reaaal close but its a really cheap mic i got from Argos years ago and not exactly a good mic. Is there a way i can get the mic to pick up quietter volumes either by changing the settings on Audacity or my pc. The mic in question doesnt have an xlr plug but rather those little phono jacks you get on standard headphones (not the larger jack for studio headphones) so its being plugged directly into my pc. Any help greatly appreciated
you need some sort of preamp between the mic and your computer. any sort of mixer will do for a setup like yours... ive even done hackish things in desperate situations like use a delay unit on bypass or an old stero console to boost the signal, but as you have it hooked up, you're never going to get decent gain.