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Thread Choral recording - where do i start?

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1 Choral recording - where do i start?
I run a small (8 people) vocal group and want to get some basic recording done - samples for our website/samples for potential clients, etc. - so nothing very high end. But need something better than the sound you might get out of a tiny handheld recorder, or recording straight onto a laptop with no microphone for example!
I have a mac g4 powerbook and have used Audacity to record and edit (nothing major, it's a simple programme). I am happy with Audacity as it does pretty much all I want to do - but the sound is not suitable. And my laptop's fan keeps whirring and interfering with the sound. Someone told me an MBox or similar would be perfect as we could put in 2 microphones, stand well away from the laptop, and we could sing away into our 2 strategically placed mics, and it would all go straight through the mics, into the MBox, and into Audacity on the laptop. I wouldn't be doing separate tracks, we would sing together as usual, it may take a few takes which would have to be stitched together later.

Has anyone any recommendations for such a piece of hardware? I came across a 'Lexicon Alpha Desktop recording Studio' which sounds great. I need something with a USB port.

Or has anyone any insight into this type of recording?
thanks in advance