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Thread Help needed urgently with Microphones please

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1 Help needed urgently with Microphones please

I am new to this and am having trouble getting enough volume from my microphones. They are plugged into the desk, routed through a graphic equaliser (which has boosted the volume) and into a 1000 watt power amp!

What I can't understand is I can get CD's music as loud as I want this way (I hard have to touch the amp volume) I can also get the microphones really loud when I plug them directly into my tiny 100 watt amp.

Why even when the volume of the 1000 watt power amp is on full are they still too quiet (I have the same problem when I use this configaration through my 400 watt power amp too!

What am I missing? Should I use microphone pre-amps or am I not doing something right?

This is probably a very basic question, but I am new and really need help!!!

Just a bit more info if you need it - My desk is a studiomaster mixdown classic 16 channel. This is the same desk as I using to run the CD player through.
I am using 3 sennheiser E818 mics but running each in to the jack inputs for 3 individual channels. Should I try using XLR input instead?

Basinaclly at the moment 3 individual mics are running (probably unbalanced) in to 3 separete channels on the desk via the jack inputs on each channel. The desk then runs sterio outs to the garphic EQ then sterio outs from the EQ to the 1000 watt power amp (min 4 ohms) running two 8ohm 500 watt speakers. I am using exactly the same configaartion for the CD line input.

Any more help would be really apprecicated. Please use very non technicals terms as I am a newbie!!

%1$s a écrit Should I try using XLR input instead?

YES! ;)