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Thread soundcards

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1 soundcards
[h][/h] hey i am new to recording and use a regular dell desktop. i was wondering if a new like 100 dollar soundcard would make a huge difference in the quality of my recordings. i use shure drum mics, with mxl overhead condensers through a behringer mixer and line 6 effects box or whatever it is. the recordings on the drums sound really hollow with a lot of background noise and fuzz and stuff. i like the eq i have on them though. any help?
sound quality is affected by (mainly) two things:

1) the room you are recording in

2) your A/D-D/A converters

while room acustics is a complicated topic, converters are quite simple: as long as you DON'T use an onboard soundcard, a soundblaster or a cheap pci card, you'll have a decent quality.
oh ok thanks