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Hello all, i am having some issues with my home studio and was hoping someone could help me out. the equipment i have are as follows: i have a synthesizer, two moniters and a mic hooked up to a good mixer. the mixer is hooked up to my Mac by a stereo mini-plug to 1/4" plug adapter. Everything sounds great and the music program is working well. The problem, and forgive my ignorance but i am new to this, the problem is that when i play it back how do i hear it through the speakers? i hear in on the computer but it is not coming back through the mixer. Again, sorry for sounding dumb----any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again.

you will have to connect the line out or headphone socket of your mac to the mixer. The way that i do this is by using the "tape-in" connections on the mixer.For this you will need a 3.5mm jack to RCA lead.
garyfitz - thank you so much, i will try that. I really appreciate your help.