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Thread Absolute newby

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1 Absolute newby
Hey Guys im an absolute newby to all this ... even to the whole forum chatting thing ...

im just about to start up a studio at home .... i have some equipment but still unsure as to what i need .... new laptop with Cubase and reason programs ... a mixer, my guitars, mics, sampler, and keyboard.....

im not 100% if i need an external soundcard to run all of my stuff through to the programs

i havnt as yet had a play with it as i have just got all my stuff together.

is there anything else i need in order to have some fun ...
what im interested in is to just have fun n create some of my own wacked out sounds

not interested in recording for money purposes

cheers i apreciate your help!
if its for fun, start with your onboard soundcard.

consider expanding only if you want to get deeper into recording.
thanks bud ...