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Thread getting started

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1 getting started
Hi every one
im very new to midi and know very little. I want to get started but dont really know what i need. Basicaly i want to be able to create professional sounding dance/hip-hop tracks on a budget (if thats possible).

I allready have a keybaord with midi I/O wich is a Yamaha PSR-340 and a desktop PC. Spec is as follows:

.950 mhz Athlon CPU
.160 Gig hard drive
.128 MB RAM
.the sound comes from motherboard but does have a midi/games port strangely?
.2x USB1.1 ports.
.I have 2 spare PCI slots on motherbard

I also have an edirol USB-midi interface wich i bought when i couldnt get my setup working through the midi/games port. And a dodgie copy of cubasis go! 2.0 which i got free from a friend of a friends uncles mother or something :) .
just thought id let u lot know that im not bothered about connecting a mic or any other equipment to my computer exept for the keyboard.

Do you have a specific question? Does you USB midi interface not work?
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
you need to upgrade your computer to be able to produce dance music. you can probably get by with the processor, but you need a minimum of 256MB of RAM for any application.
Hi Axeman
Thanks for your reply, ye i could not get most of the features in cubasis 2.0 to work but i found out that it was not designed for windows xp. Ive now got cubase se3 up and running and nearly working perfectly

I do have 2 problems though:

There is a delay between when i press a key and when i get a sound. Ive tried playing with the buffer size but when i get the delay small enough to work with it sounds like im skiping through a cd.

The other problem is that with some vstis i can't play chords.

i think i need a better soundcard from what ive read, but i just want to make sure im not gonna waste my money on something i dont really need.
Sorry i forgot to mention that ive upgraded my RAM, i now have 630 MB.
Check and make sure you have ASIO drivers. If so, you probably need a better soundcard.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
i dont know how to tell if i have ASIO drivers or not.
thanks again Axeman
OK i have 3 different ASIO drivers these are:

.full duplex



directX wont load and the other 2 have too much latentecy even after making the buffer size smaller. If i can find the drectX driver for my card, is there a chance it will work?

Im gonna have a look on the web for A directX driver for my card now, and if i cant find it im just gonna get an Maudio 2496.