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Thread How can I hear myself in headphones while recording

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1 How can I hear myself in headphones while recording
I have a home studio, I am using a mackie onyx 1220 mixer
recording with sonar and can not figure out how the person in the
booth can hear themselves while recording. Please Help Me
Be more specific about your setup. You should be able to just divide the headphone out signal and control monitoring from your sequences.

but please, be more specific about your signal path.
I have my main outs from sonar going to the main audio ins on the mixer
The headphones are plugged to hp outs on mixer
also have main mixer outs back to my sondcard ins
I can hear myself if the mixer track is solo but it cuts the song out
how can I hear both at the same time
I don't think you will be able to, because you are running a single in, and a single out from your soundcard. To do what your are talking about you need more than that, which would require a USB/firewire interface, like a Tascam US428, Digidesign, and others. A regular mixer won't cut it because of the reason stated above.

Bring the outputs from your soundcard to a stereo channel or two mono channels on your mixer. Then just bus them to whatever point you're monitoring from.
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