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Thread new souncard

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1 new souncard
Hi im thinking of buying a m-audiophile 24/97 soundcard. what leads will i need to go from the soundcard to to my mixing desk and from the mixing desk back to the soundcard. at the moment iv got a sounblaster type soundcard and im going from the sub groups 1/2 out to line in and from the line out to two channel ins
would i wire it the same useing a m-audiophile 24/97 sound card

thanks for any advice tomcat (me-ow):D

Good choice on the card. You'll like it. Hook it up the same way you had your old card hooked up. The only difference is that I believe the 24/96 has RCA jacks instead of the mini plugs found on most sound cards.
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Thanks axeman i think the m-audiophile has tw0 analog in and outs so would i just use one of the line ins and one of the line outs to connect my desk iv heard a lot about these soundcards and thought they would be alot
more expensive than i have found. iv looked around the internet and found one for as low as 58 pounds

thanks again Tomcat
If your mixer has assignable subs, the best way to hook things up would be to use the subs to feed the soundcard input and bring BOTH outputs from the card into either a stereo channel on the board or tw mono channels panned hard L/R.

If you only hook up one of the outputs, you won't be able to create a stereo mix. The outputs off the card are mono, so you have to use both to make a stereo mix.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Thanks axeman thats a great help thanks for your time
i think your tracks are cool and have a great sound
track 1 is my fav thanks again