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Thread *Newbie Alert* VSTi/RAM Question

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Topic *Newbie Alert* VSTi/RAM Question
I need to get 2GB of ram to run east west strings on my computer. Is all memory the same or is some better for running that kind of software? I just want to make sure before I order it. Thanks
the faster the ram, the better is a general rule, but fast ram is useless if its incompatible with your processor, or faster than your processor. Repost with your proccessor brand, speed, model number and anyother specs (FSB speed is importiant)

Wait!!! The memory you purchase depends on your hardware. You can't just slam any memory board into any computer. You will need to check your computers manual, or call the manufacturer. They will tell you exactly what memory to buy.
good point, make sure the speed of the RAM matches your FSB speed as close as possible for top performance. Going over the FSB speed doesn't help