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Thread Adding a Computer to current system. Software Advice Needed

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1 Adding a Computer to current system. Software Advice Needed

First I am glad to be here. I plan on using this forum to help hone my skills in the area of recording. Currently, my partner and myself are amateurs and currently have a small studio where we have been recording via the Korg XD16. This system is pretty much a self-contained recording system, It contains 16 inputs (8 XLR and 8 1/4 ") plus, has a hard drive and CD burner. It has many onboard effects and has been a very good tool.

The whole process has been a pretty worthwhile learning experience up to this point. Much of the material being recorded is just for our use as we learn our way around a studio. In addition to our current setup. However, we would like to incorporate a computer system down the road. As someone who fools around with computers, I realize the hardware requirements that are probably needed (HD, RAM, sound cards, etc). However, with all the various software packages that are out, it becomes hard to decide. Basically, we would like something where we could maybe add some additional tracks (strings, additional percussion, different types of fx, etc) to the current mix provided by the Korg unit. Further, we would use it for post production work and maybe mastering, in order to clean up a mix. We are not looking for a total recording solution, but one that would complement our current recording system instead. If anyone has some suggestions in this area, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks everyone.
The two most common home programs are Cakewalk Sonar and Cubase. I'm a Cakewalk guy.
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I have a TASCAM 2488 and I use a $20 package by acoustic labs ( 8 track recorder ** very simple ** ). This works great since its an 8 track and very easy to use. What I will do is export 1 or more tracks from my TASCAM to my PC where I will add a few more tracks. I then mix the extra tracks into their individual wave files, or a wave file containing all of the tracks mixed together to my TASCAM and then commence to mix some more with the additional tracks.

As I'm sure you know, this kind of work is soooo iterative, but oh so fun!!!