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Thread general questions about reason 3.0

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1 general questions about reason 3.0
im a complete newbie to this program, i have no idea what im looking at, but i have a midiman midisport input, with an evolution mk-149 keyboard...i want to start to make a general hip hop beat..i dont have any ideas about loading in sound modules, i dont have an external module, do i need one?...if not how would i start recording anything?...i really need to know like the first, first steps possible lol, sorry for being a pain, it would really help...thanks!
hey we're both on the same page i'm having trouble like you wouldnt believe. :(
Try reading the manual guys, and look through previous posts. Its alot easier for us to answer specific questions, instead of broad ones.
I've been playing with reason for a while, like the guy said ask some specific questions and i can answer them.

A good start is to drop in a mixer:
-Right click in the blank space and click "Mixer 14:2"

Right click again and have a good gease at the options these are your tools, normally they cost thousands of dollars each, you can have as many as your computer can handle at no extra cost!

You say you want a Hip Hop beat?? Drop in a "Redrum Drum Computer" it should auto wire itself to the mixer. (if this is not the case you can enable autowiring in the options somewhere

If you ever want to change the wiring of your racks hit the tab button (im assuming your controls are the same as mine). i used reason for several weeks before discovering TAB, I was a great day.. heheh

Ok so next goto your redrum machine, where it says patch select, and click the folder icon.
Select "Reason Factory Sound Bank" then open the "ReDrum Drum Kits" directory and browse the various genres and kits.
There is a Hip Hop Kits folder... you might just find what your lookin for.

Reason is wonderful, just explore all the machines, toy around, its easy once you get the basics.