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Thread starting from scratch, but confused..

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1 starting from scratch, but confused..
Hey there. let's see. I was hoping I could get some help in choosing a proper setup.

I'm sure my current comp. wouldn't hack it. 533mhz 196 ram, etc.

I have
--reason 2
--a demo version of Live 4.0
--an electric guitar and
--an Maudio usb keyboard

--the cheapest computer available that would be able to handle live recording; I am guesstimating the most I would record at once would be two guitars and vocals.
--an audio interface? I'm REALLY confused on the differences and what I need to look for in one. I also need to know how I can tell if I can which ones I can straight plug a guitar and mic into.
--a software mixer; I was thinking of getting a cheap outdated live 3.0? I do not understand if this would be the proper software for me to use.

any suggestions?
www.tweakheadz.com describes several studio setups. check them out, and also see my posts: http://forum.studioathome.com/viewtopic.php?id=5111

as you can see, its a common question. For now, consider the type of music you want to record. The type of music determines what sequencer you should buy. I would definitly upgrade from Reason 2.0, maybe to a different program. The maudio keyboard sounds good and the guitar is fine.
The simpilest way to get those into your computer is an audio interface. tweakheadz will help you with that decision.

as for the computer, you have to upgrade. get atleast 512mb of ram, over a 1.8ghz processor, fast hard disks w/ large buffers. tweakheadz helps with that too