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Thread m audiophile 192

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1 m audiophile 192
hi iv just got a m audiophile 192 i have installed the card and it is working great i was told to turn the onboard card off so i did. but when i use my computer i have to have my mixing desk turned on as thats were my speakers are pluged into . what i want to know is can i have the onboard card turned on for my coputer and use a set of speakers for that and use my m audio 192 just for my desk when using cubase etc im gwas going to buy a new set of monitors for my desk but im not shure if the two cards will conflict

thanks for any help tomcat:D
There's really no way to tell, Tom, without trying. So long as you can keep your MAudio card from having to share resources, you should be ok. But there are too many variables to predict with any certainty.
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