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Thread Please Help!

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1 Please Help!
Glad I found this sight! I am having a load of difficulty with my MIDI setup and no one seems to know how to fix my problem. I have talked with several people and while there suggestions have been helpful I am still looking for the right answer. First off I will let you know how I have things setup at the moment. I have a Yamaha YPT 300 keyboard connected to a M-Audio "UNO" MIDI Interface which is connected to my Mac OS X (version 10.4.7). I have also used this same setup on my Windows XP. Ok all of the drivers - the one for M-Audio as well as YAMAHA- have been installed properly. I have installed both of them more than once. I also have ensured that everything in my Audio setup is connected correctly. I even called Macintosh and ensured that everything was done right and to make sure it wasn't a computer problem. Lastly I made sure that the software I was using - Finale and/or Garageband- was not the problem (I experience the same problem on either Garageband or Finale so it doesn't matter anyway). I also have made sure my keyboard is set up right for MIDI. Alright, now first off I would like to let you know what what happens when I try to use MIDI. I play a note on my keyboard - it sounds right away- then I play another note say about three to four seconds later and it also sound right away as well. The problem I am having is that when I try when I play any not inbetween that 3-4 seconds it doesn't sound and is not recorded either. All I get is this fairly quiet deep vibrating feedback noise. I have tried MIDI latency settings and this is not the problem. Faulty MIDI interface? Any help would be great.


so it sounds like to me that something isn't up to speed. It sounds like one of those 'tear your hair out' things thats easy to fix if you know what to change, but i'm not sure. Other people in this forum hopefully will know. A couple of questions:

Have you tried swapping out MIDI keyboards? <-- to see if the keyboard is the faulty link

Have you changed the latency settings in both the M-Audio driver, and in the Finale/garageband programs (i know you can't in garage band)?

What synth are you using? <-- sometimes if its a large/elaborate syth, the computer (how many Gigahertz is your mac?) can't handle to many notes at once. Try using simple synths. Also, if your computer has not enough RAM, that could be an issue (but dont run out just now and buy more). So the problem could be the syth. Mess with the settings, see what you can come up with.

Thats all i can think of, good luck.
Thanks for the suggestions. My Mac is 2GH and is definitely powerful enough to handle a load of notes (it's only about a year old). I have not swapped the keyboard because at the moment it is the only one I have with MIDI and also because it runs great and is fairly new. I am going to try and borrow one, however, most of my buddies who play music don't own anything related to MIDI so I will have to try and find someone who does. I have changed the latency settings in the Finale software but not in M-Audio. Where to you go to find the latency settings? That is if I even have the option, I don't know. Like I said before it is M-Audio's "UNO" MIDI interface.