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Thread Just the Basic Facts Please

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1 Just the Basic Facts Please
Hi to all, I'm new here and this is a great forum, I hope soon I can contribute some useful insight to it. But for new I need come Info. I have been playing guitar for many years but it has always been Humbuckers through marshalls and not much else. Then one day I was turned onto the pod by Line6 and an Fostex 8 track digital recorder. I'm am so hooked but so behind in the technologies and terminology I'm afraid I'm not getting all I could out of these devices.
Sooo.... my questions are:

What is a line level device/signal, is the PODxt a line level device?
Should I put the POD in the effects loop of my amp?

I am using a PODxt into a Crate Power Block amp, when recording no amp is used just POD to recorder input thru headphones.

Could somebody set me in the right direction :/
If you put the pod in the effects loop of your amp, you can use the amp to bypass it or not bypass it. Kind of useless if you have a foot controller for the Pod, but very useful if you don't.

i'm familiar w/ line level vs mic level. i havn't figured out the difference. It could mean line level as in not a high level device, which in the pod's case, is a yes.
Line level and mic level are two very different things. The impedence is different. A mic level signal is much weaker than a line level signal. Plug a mic level signal into a line level input, and you'l get a lot of noise and very little sound. Plug a line level signal into a mic level input, and you'll get a loud signal with distortion.

Your POD is a line level device. The outputs should go to a line level input. You can put it in your effects loop. You may or may not like the sound. Something else to try woud be to run your guitar into the POD, and then run the output of the POD to the FX Return on your amp. This will just use the power section of your amp and will bypass the preamp. All of your volume and tone control (with the possible exception of Master Volume on the amp, depending on how it's wired) will be through the POD and the controls on the amp will not be used.

Not a great solution, but I bet it'll sound better than running it 100% in the effects loop.
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