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Thread arriving

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1 arriving
hey. i've been composing instrumental music, (that sounds like film scores, most of the time) and recording it using Qbase on an ibm thinkpad laptop, a tascam us-122 as a soundcard, and alesis qs8 as a midi instrument.
i still wonder how the little computer, old and ment only for documents, managed to perform as well as it did.
than my tascam broke, and now i'm looking to buy a pc, and a sound card (should i get the tascam again? after reading here about it i'm confused, though i liked it in the past) and get started again. i record through midi, but surly would like to involve audio in the future, and i need to recored my music professionally at home.
any suggestions? any words for a new commer?
the us122 is the cheepest solution for a 2 in setup. if you see yourself expanding in the future, upgrade to a larger amount of inputs, if you dont, then stick with it. if your concerned about a higher recording quality than 24bit, 48khz, then consider finding a higher resolution sound card. if not, stick with what your comfortable with.
if you need PC advice, check out that section of the forum.