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Thread What equipment to buy.

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1 What equipment to buy.

Recently i've been wanting to make my own little studio so I can record guitar tracks. I mainly want to make riffs for my band to check out when we aren't rehearsing and I also want to record proper tracks, minus the vocals. The main types of music i'll be wanting to record are metal and rock.

I'm torn between either the digital method or actually micing up my amp. I haven't bought any equipment yet so i'll need a little advice.

I have a vague idea of what kind of equipment i'll be needing and i've narrowed it down to this.

Mic method

Shure SM57 or Audix i5 and an M-Audio Fastrack USB Interface. I'm not sure if i'll need a preamp or a mixer so a little help would be cool.

Digital method

Line 6 POD v2,Line 6 PODxt or Behringer V-Amp 2 and an E-MU 0404.

While the mic method is cheaper (over £100 cheaper actually) I don't really have a fantastic amp (Crate GTX65) or even an acoustically decent room to record since my amp is in my bedroom. So that leaves me with either a POD or a V-Amp. The V-Amp is cheaper but I haven't heard what it sounds like really. My best bet would be to go with the PODxt but that is very expensive for me.

Sorry for the length, I want to make sure I make the right decision, I can't afford to buy lots of equipment right now.
first sounds good... cept stay away from usb... get the m-audio firewire solo... i think they have a fast track firewire too, but im not positive... i cant say bout the mics tho.. i wud suggest a condencer instead of a dynamic tho.. go 10 bucks more for the audio technica at2020