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Thread What is a "Pad" sound patch?

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1 What is a "Pad" sound patch?
Hey all,
I am getting familuar with my Yamaha S08 and a few of the sounds have the word "pad" attached to them. I really cant tell a big difference in a sound with or without a "pad". The only thing I can think of, is like a quick sound to make like a rythm with maybe?

Thanks in advance,
"Pad" is a word used to describe a patch that provides 'ambience' to a track...

If you have a vocal 'pad' / generally that sound will be subdued or something that sits well behind other sounds and has vocal qualities...
A string 'pad' will be a patch that provides a good base 'filler' that sounds like an orchestra...

Sometimes a pad is a sound that perhaps is a little stronger / ie: good to be used as rhythm to provide substance to a track...

Hope this helps...