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Thread ok i need some pretty generic help

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1 ok i need some pretty generic help
i have a korg d12 recorder, and even with my best efforts of tweaking EQs, effects, panning, volume levels, i can really only get a mediocre sound at best. not a polished or professional sound.

ive been reading up a bit on home recording and i think (correct me if im wrong) what i really need is a compressor / expander, because theres a lot of subtle noise that i dont want.

ive never used computers or software in my recording, strictly the d12, but am interested. first off, is there compression / expander software? now, keep in mind i have a pretty standard computer, would i need anything other than the software to be able to edit audio?

also, getting the music onto the computer. i could mix and effect it to sound as best as i can, put it on a cd, and then put it on the computer... but i worry about not being able to edit the tracks seperately.

is tehre another way to go about getting the music onto the computer?

i apologize if these questions sound ridiculous. any help would be appreciated.
im going to scan through the korgs manual to see about computer connections right after i post this and see if i can come up w/ an answer to that one on my own.
uhm, exporting the whole project on a pc could be tricky and time consuming...
maybe using the SCSI connector to add a fixed or removable media drive so that you can export to wav and then connect to pc, but as said before, its time-consuming if you want separate tracks.

you're better off re-recording with your computer and a good sound card. and then edit as much as you like with any software (cubase/protools/logic/cool edit etc...)