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Thread recording via EMU 1820 problem

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1 recording via EMU 1820 problem
Hi all,

I am trying to record from a turntable via emu 1820 to cubase or wavelab and it seems that neither of those can 'see' the input i am trying to record. I can get sound when I play records on the turntable. I have set up an ASIO send in the EMU patchmix from the phono channel, however when I try to setup an input bus in cubase the phono input is not in the list of input choices. Wavelab just doesn't pick up any sound and I can't figure out a way of telling it which input to record. Can someone help out? What am I doing wrong?

many thanks!
Go to Device Setup > VST Inputs and make sure the phono inputs (Dock 3 L/R PHONO) are visible. When you go to VST Connections, click on reset and everything that has been marked visible should now be displayed.
thanks thats solved it!:D

any similar solution in wavelab?
I use Wavelab Lite that came with the 1820m and it is permanently set to use wdm drivers, which is good. I can therefore have an asio app and wdm app open at the same time. If you're using the full version of Wavelab, just set it to use wdm drivers.

Use the Wave L/R send and insert or drag it into the Dock 3L/R insert field along with the asio send. You can now record simultaneously in Cubase and Wavelab if you desire.