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Thread tascam DP-01 digital 8-track--dont understand how to link to P.C.

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1 tascam DP-01 digital 8-track--dont understand how to link to P.C.
Hi im new and i found this site looking for the soulution to my problem. I finally crossed over to digital on the DP-01 and all is good except i dont know how to get the p.c. to recognize the device. S.O.S.!!!!
Judging by this review:

"The DP-01 has a USB 2.0 jack for file backup and transferring mixes to a computer."

I'd say that there's got to be something in the manual... Instructions on using a driver / file transfer / Something...
I know this doesn't help much...
But, tell us more... Tell us about your system, what you're trying to do.... What computer do you have?
ok....i got together with my pal who is more of a digi-wiz then I, he needed to upgrade his windows and i think install another program so he though....we never quite got there on his pc

im running win xp which is better than his.
The problem (i encountered after posting) became getting into th FAT partition. There are seperate partitions (hard-drives), there is also a backup. But i need to get the pc to recognize the "FAT partition". I am able to "open" the machine for pc mode but thats it. It speaks and explains that particular partition but never says how to access it. This is what makes the pc and machine communicate for swaping files back and forth and such.

Pretty rediculous but it is vital for me to figure it out properly so i can master tracks and burn cd's ect....

Thanks to anyone who at least acknowledges this and gives me a wink of thought.
Are you saying the partition is too small on your computer?
I've never heard of an interface having problems with a partition?

Is your computer partitioned as FAT32 or NTFS?
Windows XP runs better using NTFS...

More thoughts???
i dont understand i guess that far into that stuff, i expected to just plug the thing in and have it just pop-up, but it only comes up as an unrecognized source, if you really feel that you could help i got a web site with the full owners manual. check it out if you think it will help

heres the link....i dont know why my message box is repeating this next message---just ignore it, oh well
Basically what the manual is saying is that you should just be able to plug the Tascam into your computer using the USB cable...
Then go into "My computer" and look down your drive list... You should be able to see a "removeable" drive somewhere in that list...
That's the "FAT directory" that Tascam is talking about...

In order to get backups out of the Tascam you need to transfer them from the internal drive - which is a special format from Tascam - to this "FAT Drive" which is an industry standard format... The Fat directory is essentially a "Pass Through" so you can get your information into a computer or back out... I know this sounds "whacked" but the reason Tascam formats this drive differently is because the Tascam format helps to better record an handle audio compared to the Fat type of formatting... BUT - The Fat partition is there to communicate between the Tascam and the computer to get data in and out...

Another thing to think about is that Windows XP runs under a format called "NTFS"...
This format is different from the standard FAT directory...
The Fat directory structure was actually used as a standard in Windows95 and Windows98
I think that WinXP should be able to read the FAT directory...

The first thing to do is to read Page 36 VERY Carefully...
You may need to re-format the recorder for the computer to be able to identify this Fat directory...
Page 37 will talk about how to format the Fat partition...

Now that I have the manual is there anything else that I can answer...
I'm hoping this explains enough to be able to get you going again...
If not write back and we'll go further... ! ! ! !
when i press master and hold it in it says trk to short
how do i import from the pc to my tascam dp-01fx
Hello guys,

it seems like You were able to solve the problem.
Now we have the same problem here,
the USB-Device is not going to be recognized,
and is unaccessible. Reformatting the Fat-Partition
didnt work either.
Can You help pls ???

Kind regards