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Thread smaLl sTudio

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Topic smaLl sTudio
hey guys i'm trying to build a small stuDio for recording and track creating/editing. i know the basics, i already have a sequencing soft with midi out, what i need to know is the hardware.i want to record rap and guitar bass/electric.i have a desktop specs 2gig mem 1gig h space
to rec Demos
thanks i appreciate any info.
1 GB is really not enough. start by getting a bigger hard drive.
Get a SATA drive and crank up that hard drive to 120g or more...
That's a good start for storage...

As for "hardware" you should start with a good mixer, some type of monitoring (speakers), Mics are very important if you're recording rap...
These are probably the bare basics to get your studio in order...

What other gear do you have?