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Thread Need advice on building an electronic music studio

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1 Need advice on building an electronic music studio
Hello, Everyone.

I recently purchased an m-audio Keystation 61e at a clearance sale price with the idea of creating an electronic music studio to produce ambient music as well as some dance music.

I plan to make soundtracks for my digital videos, music for fun, and (possibly) music for profit.

I have an initial budget of $1500 for this studio.

My questions are as follows:

1) Now that I have the Keystation (and a macintosh g4 Cube), what other hardware will I need (initially) to make and hear music?

2) What are some of the more professional software packages that I should be considering? (I have access to GarageBand; I am considering packages that may offer more features and/or greater flexibility)

3) Are there useful books, magazines, or websites that explain/describe the best way to select hardware, software, and design the studio itself?