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I bought Cubase SE and a $50 Ask Video about 2 months ago and I'm not much further than when I started. I can't seem to get anything to happen. I'm only interested in techno/hiphop for now. I can create a song with just the sounds within Cubase, right? I haven't done/added anything to my computer except load Cubase SE. I just add an audio track to the project. Then I pull the VST instrument window up, then I pull up the drum window. I mess with that for a while.(just clicking buttons) I can draw an audio track on the project page, but thats all it says is "audio", theres nothing in it, just a rectangle with a line in it, HAHA!. I can't figure out how to actually get a beat into the project. I know this is basic stuff and I don't have a very technical vocabulary. Its just that the the manual and the DVD that I bought, is a little more assuming of my experience, which is very little. Thanks again for your time.

My computer setup is as follows:
-Pentium 4
-4-M cpu 2.20 GHz (need to deleat some things)
-1.20 GHz, 521 MB of RAM
-Micosoft Windows XP Home Edition Ver. 2002
-My sound playback and recording is set to Sigma Tel Audio
-My MiDi play back is through Micosoft GS Waveable SW Synth
hey there.

you cannot generate sounds by simply adding empty audio tracks to your project. creating audio tracks has to do with recording sounds from out of cubase, editing samples, etc.
since you want to produce hip hop, you'll deal with audio samples a lot. you should try looking for loops online. try these websites:

and if you want to create sounds with cubase's vsts, first you have to create a midi track on your project. then choose a vst instrument and link the midi track to it.
you can do that by selecting on the vsts window the instrument you want to use. then select it again on the "out" options that appear on the track's menu.
then, highlight the ammount of bars you want the new sound to have, left-click them twice, and voila: there's a writable rectangle. double click it too. the midi piano will lead you from now on.

sorry if i wasn't very clear, it's just that english is not my first language (as you may have noticed).

newbies rule, let's keep trying.
change the bit that says 'NO GM MAP' to drum map, its easier to visualise drums. The LM7 drum machine on cubase is pretty kick ass i think.