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Thread Alesis oi/2 Cubase LE communication problems

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1 Alesis oi/2 Cubase LE communication problems
Hi, newby here. Couple of problems, need assistance please.

1) As soon as I stick my oi/2 into my pc, my media players stops sending sound via my onboard sound card to my hifi amp.
2) I started tutorial 1, but when I choose io/2 as my in and output in device manager in LE and it runs the test, it says it is unsuccesfull, when I change is back to my onboard soundcard all is fine. I do not want to use my onboard soundcard as input, thats the reason I bought io/2.
3) I read that LE does not support dual core processors, is there a roadmap that they will with some upgrade in the future? Does this also mean that Cubase will only be able to see 1,85Ghz?

Similar problems out there? I live in Cape Town, South Africa and another problem is that I don't have any support for the product. Any Capetownians out there working for place that specialise in Audio setups etc? I have also been searching for a place that does basic Cubase/Audio training in Cape Town, no luck, I am raw at this and need training.

Machine spec: Proline; MSI mother, Intel Core-2-Due (1.84Ghz x 2), 2 Gig ram, 370gig and 250 gig harddrive, XP Sp2, Cubase LE