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Thread What I need for a home setup. Help!

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1 What I need for a home setup. Help!
So at my school theres a huge like million dollar recording studio, really nice setup everything you can think of. (arts highschool) And i wanted to get into home recording for some time now.

Im interested in buying the digi002 with protoolsLE blah blah blah on ebay. Once i have that what else do i need to buy? what cables how does the digi002 hook up to the computer what cords?

So if you can, can you list EVERYTHING i need to start recording from instrument cables to speakers to headphones. and all the cables and interfaces inbetween. Thanks. (that co-insides with the digi002 with protools le .
With digidesign, you´ll need a pair of monitors, active, something like the Alesis M1, they´re good value for the price sound good too. Cables: two balanced jacks, or two XLR to balanced jack. Firewire to the computer, comes with digidesign, headphones, AKG makes them good. And offcourse you´ll need a computer, and here is where you need to spend some bucks. The digi system won´t be outdated anytime soon, the 002 v. is, with updates, just as good as 003, but I doubt you´ll be able to get a new 002. The digidesign demands alot of the computer, a macbook pro would suffice, but not much less.

It depends very much, what kind of recording you are going to do, so, for the sake of argument, let´s say you´ll record a five peace, drums, guitar*2, bass and vocals. For the drums you need 7 or 8 mics, and you can purchase some drum mic packs, Shure is reliable, there are others. Now you got the mics, you´ll need the inputs, as the digidesign only has 4 mic inputs, you can get some preamps, Motu or Focusrite, check the marked out. For the bass, you need, either a basspreamp, so you´ll record line, wich is what I would recommend, since the ProTools has a bundle of plugins where you can record bass direct, here you´d need only an unbalanced jack cable. You could do the same for the guitar, and maybe get a multi fx proccessor. Now the vocals, here you´ll need a nother mic, preferrebly a condencer mic, since this are more sensitive to delicate vocals. The digi has phantom power pr. mic in. There are lot´s of stuff, and digidesign is not the only way to go, the are standalone harddisk recorders, that are exremely reliable, like the Akai DPS24MkII and the Roland VS2480(if it is still in production), Yamaha makes some good ones. So I recommend that you analyze your needs and style, and base your purchase on that.

So, good luck hunting