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Thread No midi playback sound in Cubase VST 3.7 or 5 come to that!

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1 No midi playback sound in Cubase VST 3.7 or 5 come to that!

I am a newbie with Cubase for the PC - previously have used it on Atari ST. I am starting off with VST24 (3.7) and having a bit of trouble getting MIDI playback to be received by my master keyboard (let alone any other gear chained down the line!!).

I know there are numerous reasons but I have done the following:

Ensured Thru is active, that the cables are connected the right way round!

That I have the ch1 selected for both the prog and the keyboard and that I am playing a MIDI track in Cubase. Also, it is not muted.

I am starting off with the Def.all so, I have tinkered around any further than stated above... AND, I have setup the MMe module first so as to select just my Midi driver on the PC laptop - I will tackle ASIO another day!!

I am able to record information from the keyboard and can see that Midi signals are being received for patch change and modulation from the keyboard, but nothing is happening on playback...

If anyone has any ideas, would be much appreciated!!