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Thread Tascam us 122 help

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Topic Tascam us 122 help
in the control panel tascam has software that allows you to change the latency,,,,, default is 1024....this may sound stupid but what exacty does latency do,,,,, my use for it is mainly recording,,,,and the only device ive plugged in is a condensor mic,,,and im using sonar 6 producer,,,, so basically record over instrumental tracks and/or accoustic guitar,,,,,i guess my question is ,,,, the range for tha latency is between 256 to 2048 and its defaulted at 1024..... so if increase it to 2048 how will impact my recordings,,,,and vice versa,,,if i bring it down ,say to 512,,what effect will that have,,,,

All i really do is import instrumental tracks,,,then record my vocals,,,over 2 additionals tracks,,,,i do notice a delay over the duration of a song as well,,,,slight but its there for sure,,,,timing is all off,,,,,thasnks in advance,,,
I use the tascam 22 myself. I was using it on cubase le. and I notice that the latency gives the music a robotic sound or a heavy heavy reverberation. what i did was just change it to low latency, and the sound got back to normal. I dont know what it will do for sonar however. I just recently purchased sonar 6 but have yet to use it because i cant make heads or tails of it. Neways fam hope if been of some help.easy.ReapaH!!!