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Thread Unwanted boosted signal

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1 Unwanted boosted signal
I'm having some trouble using my condenser mics. I have a set of 7 Stagg drummics, and an ADK B1 vocal mic, that I want to use for recordings in Cubase. But the thing is, when I wire them to the Yamaha MG16/4 mixer and then further on to the computers interfaces Phono input, the signal coming in from the mixer is so loud that I have to set the mixers master fader to approx 5% so that it wont craccle, but even then the signal is way to high, without there being so much vocals, but just an enormous signal, so if i turn everything so much down that it looks okay, I have so boost the output volume to my headphones to hear anything from the mics. Whats happening? Is there a gain on the mixer i don't know of?? Hidden somewhere?
its not hiding at all. any output from a device like a mixer or pre amp will be at line level. which is considerably higher than phono level. line level output needs to go to line level input.
Okey, thanks! But then another problem. My Cubase won't detect the Line-In signal for recordings. It only takes the signal from the Phono input. Where in Cubase is this changed?