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Thread Cubase Studio 4 Channel Question

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1 Cubase Studio 4 Channel Question
When I set up a new project and add a VST instrument track, I believe I should see three channel strips: the input channel, the HALionOne 01 channel, and the stereo out channel. At least that's what THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO CUBASE TELLS ME. But I see only two: the instrument channel and the output channel. No input channel. Is this a problem?

Under VST Connections - Inputs, I have one stereo in (L and R, PreSonus Firebox 1 and 2) and two mono ins (Firebox 3 and 4). What I don't see anywhere in my setup options is my keyboard, on which I'm playing the VST. Is this a problem? Is this because it's not a "true" MIDI controller, just a Casio PX-110 keyboard with MIDI in and outs? Shouldn't my computer be registering this MIDI-to-USB-attached device somewhere? (It doesn't seem to be.)