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Thread Unplugging The Microphone Every Time

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1 Unplugging The Microphone Every Time

I run a Shure dynamic mic to a Behringer mixer. I read something that said I should protect my mic by always getting started in this sequence: 1. Turn on the power to the mixer, 2. Plug in the mic, 3. Turn on the phantom power (if using it). If I never turn on the phantom power (I've decided to take my chances with a good dynamic since I can't afford a good condenser yet)... if I never use phantom, do I still have to unplug my mic at the end of each session and follow this starting up sequence to protect the mic from surges, etc.? I would rather not if I don't have to. Seems silly, but I like to begin a session by just flicking on the power and picking up the guitar... but I don't want to hurt the mic.


Thanks a bunch, Ra7or.
condensers need that kind of attention, dynamics don't.

plus, shures are solid as rock. they can handle rough treatment.