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Thread HELP. Please Wavelab Probs

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1 HELP. Please Wavelab Probs
Hi, I've got a mix that I've done a while back in wav and had imported to Wavelab 5. As it is, its in one track which i want to break up to numerous track without gaps. I've done this many times before using wavelab and for some reason its not happening tonight. Its been a while but I can't see where I'm going wrong. This is what I'm doing:
1. Importing wav file to wavelab
2. Converting to montage
3. Creating CD track start marker
4. Creating CD track markers for each part of the mix
5. Creating CD track end marker
Then, going into the CD tab and using the wizard to lock the Cd track markers, then it tells me its ok but its not because when i go into the CD tab its only showing one track "track 1" - 1hr 18 mins. But in the markers tab, its showi ng me all the markers that I've set. I did burn one cd at first because I "thought" I did everything that i should but the CD came out as one continuous track and I've just spent the last 6 hours going back and fore. As I said I've done this lots before with no probs, but its been about 8 months so I'm quessing I'm missing one vital thing, so any help would be appreciated. :|

P.S. Ive got audio in pauses selected and the markers are CD track markers, not generic as I've done in the past.

[sup]FORGET IT!!! I'VE SORTED IT[/sup]:):):):)