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Thread Mono Recording into Stereo ?

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Topic Mono Recording into Stereo ?
Can this be done ?? - I have recorded band practises years ago and recorded them all on my Revox B77.
I have since wanted to take all these off the reel and put them onto CD.Which I have done but they are in mono If anyone out there Can help it would really help me
I think that possibly your definition of a mono recording is skewed..

mono means that you hear the sound in both sides of the headphones, its just the same sound. Or the same track.

Stereo means that you hear the sound in both sides of the headphones, but they are different sounds playing on each side. For example, in a stereo recording, what you hear in your right ear may not be the same thing you hear in your left ear, because they are seperate tracks for each ear.

So you can easily put your mono tracks on a CD, but it will be in mono, and you cannot change that, because that is something you record (using 2 mics instead of one).

On the CD you should still hear your mono tracks in both headphones, and there shouldn't be a problem. Some software programs think mono should mean that sound should only come out of one speaker, the right or the left. If that is the issue, then they may require you u to convert it to "stereo", which just means that the track is just copied into the other speaker.

Sorry if this is confusing,
What software are you using to get them off the tapes and into the computer ?
Hi Thanks No Problem in fact I have solved it. Music only coming out of one speaker. I have put this into ntrk studio and split it into stereo it works fine thanks for your time see yer