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Thread PA System Question

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1 PA System Question
I've been learning about PA systems for a little while now but have yet to work with one. I have some questions: Is it possible to connect a normal guitar amp (say, Marshall) into a already powered mixer board? Will the tone from the system speakers be a Marshall tone or not?
I've found several websites which seem to contradict each other on the use of a PA system for a live band. Some advice only vocals, while others say hook everything up through it. I'm pretty confused about the equipment I need at this point because of the varying opinions. Ideally (I think) I would like to hook all equipment (guitars, mics, keyboard, bongo mics, bass?) up to a powered mixer, but I don't know whether or not that is a good idea or not based on the info I'm reading. Any help?
you can connect from the guitar amp to the mixer providing you use the 'line out' connection on the guitar amp. They don't all have one, my Marshall does.
However most guitarists would like you to mike their cab and feed the mic into your mixer.
So both methods work.

You should put everything through the PA, otherwise what's the point having it.
However I recently did a gig where the guitarist had a stack of speakers to the ceiling (I kid not) so it was unnecessary to put him through the PA (small club - theatre would be different), however I did take a feed on a mic for recording purposes, but not feed his signal to the PA speakers.
running everything through the board, be it directly or by micing things, also allows you to hear everything through the monitors.