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Thread Home studio desk I try to make

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1 Home studio desk I try to make
Hi all, i'm designing a desk for my litle home studio (my room .. i know but it's a start). Nothing big but good enough to begin with.
I remade the design from some studio desk's i saw op pictures and could use some help with it before I actualy start making it.
Here are some basic 3D pictures i created with sketchup. Please remember that the scale I drew everything is not correct, it's the design i'm talking about ..
My first sketch:
- http://linkmark.hostrix.be/bureau/bureau-klein.jpg
3D model:
- http://linkmark.hostrix.be/bureau/jpgs/1.jpg
- http://linkmark.hostrix.be/bureau/jpgs/2.jpg
- http://linkmark.hostrix.be/bureau/jpgs/3.jpg
- http://linkmark.hostrix.be/bureau/jpgs/4.jpg
- http://linkmark.hostrix.be/bureau/jpgs/5.jpg
- http://linkmark.hostrix.be/bureau/jpgs/6.jpg
- http://linkmark.hostrix.be/bureau/jpgs/7.jpg
And the last one, a smooth one:

Now my main question is, what should U change? Or what is bether (maybe speaker placement) to improuve the near fields sound quality?

My second question is, what is best for my sub? Placing it near the rear 'wall' or no rear 'wall' at all? =>
- http://linkmark.hostrix.be/bureau/questions/sub%2Bwall.jpg
- http://linkmark.hostrix.be/bureau/questions/sub-wall.jpg

And the third, maybe the most importend one. What kind of wood is best for something like this? Something massiv and/or heavy? Or anything will do just fine? I'm asking this for knowing what is best for the sound quality ..
The cheapest wood, the one i can get tons of, is wood that has been pressed. I don't know the name in english but those are plates of litle peaces of wood pressed/glued together. Will this do fine?

Any help would be apriciated!
Thanks in advanced.

My biggest concern with this set-up would be rattleing. I wouldn't want any of the wood to viabrate when i turn it up loud.

As for wood, i wouldn't use the cheapest one you can find (we call that plywood). Rather go for something slightly more solid, so you don't have to be concerned about how much weight you can put on the table. I would also consider how it looks, as in pleasing to the eye. Maple, Oak, maybe Walnut, then varnish them to ensure that they will last you a long time, and look beautiful.

If you don't care about looks at all, just use the cheap plywood, but ensure you secure your joints tightly, because if it starts to rattle once you turn your speakers up, you will go insane.

As for the sub-woofer, most studios don't have one. If you buy a pair of monitoring speakers, they don't need, nor reccomend a sub. That said, I actually use a sub in my setup. I bought Tascam VL-21 monitoring speakers (for their size) and when combined with their sub, they suit me nicely.
So if you go for the sub, put it on the wall, where you can see it, but be warned of rattling issues.

good luck
Great thanks for the reply thesparrowband !

About the wood, i think i'm gonna use 'Multiplex'. I don't know if everyone know this but's it's thin peaces of wood put together (mostly 5 of 4 peaces or should i say 'plates') to form 1 heavy peace of wood. It's quite heavy en doesn bow, and strong to. And good for me .. to that expensive.

I have bought the TRUTH B2031A Behringer monitors and the TRUTH B2092A as a sub. Damn big tool is it and produces extremely deep bass. The reason i bought this sub is coz i like realy strong and deep bass, but i won't be using them for my studio work. When i don't use the sub, the crossovers in it are in a 'none active state' so everything below 80hz will also go to the speakers.

I think i'll work away the wall where the sub is going to be, or like u say .. i bether keep the wall?