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Thread BEDROOM Recording.

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1 BEDROOM Recording.
Hey, I've hunted around the internet tryyyying to find a tutorial for putting together a *cheap* pc recording setup. I don't care about it sounding as good as professional sound studios. I don't have several hundred dollars to put into all these expensive mixers and whatnot... I am completely willing to sacrifice quality for affordability.

I don't have the space or the budget to accomodate the types of equipment just about every tutorial i've looked at has suggested to buy. I don't need to record a live band or anything like that. I am just one person who would like to create songs.

I have an audigy 2 zs ... and that will be the sound card i will be using. I'd like to be able to record from my electric guitar, mic, and a midi keyboard. I read something someone had written on this forum about some problem with using a 1/4" to 1/8" cable to connect the guitar directly to the sound card... i'd like to know some more information about this before i go and buy a cable... or anything... because i have next to no money, and i can't waste a cent...
Check your private messages (or maybe it's email).