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Thread House sound Mixed with Behringer 2004 going thru snake help!

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1 House sound Mixed with Behringer 2004 going thru snake help!
Hey all,

I'm a AV expert for medical metings and provide lots of PowerPont support with computers and LCD projection. Anyway what my question is I need to run my mixed sound, 6 mics, from a Behringer Mx2004 to a Marantz cassette recorder in the front of the hall to a transcriptionist. The Marantz PMD 222 has an xlr blanaced connector. We tried to use the balanced out of my mixer through my snake, using a mic cable, to him at the front of the room to no avail. ( I usually use the 1/4 outs to the front of the room for my amp and speakers) THE QUESTION: Which output of my mixer should I use through my snake, which I have extra 1/4 and xlr circuits to the front of the room, to get recordabel signal to the Marantz? The diagram of the Marantz shows pin 1 and 2 with signal and #3 shield.
What am I missing???

Son of Raven

You DA MAN!!

Thanks for you insight. I'll be trying this next wek in Palm Springs.

Son of Raven,
The XLR on the Marantz is a mic input. You sent it a line level signal. It's got some auto limiting in it, mabe it just cut off. Either way, feeding a line level signal to a mic preamo isn't going to sound too good even if you could make it work. I'd probably try using the AUX send off the Behringer, into a 1/4 on the snake, and then use an adapter to convert it to the RCA input on the Marantz.
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Palm Springs was a hit!

Tried your soution for the send through the snake and IT WORKED perfectly!!!!

The Transcriptionist got great signal to his MArantz using the line in.


As I said before you DA MAN.

Son of Raven