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Thread tracking a cd using cubase se

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1 tracking a cd using cubase se
I am looking for some help as I am brand new to taping and editing.
I have just started taping some live shows my set-up works well, but I am having some trouble learning to use my cubase software, I just can't seem to be able to figure out how to set my recordings up into different tracks to burn to disc. I am using a sony pcm-m1 dat to record. I have been recording to cubase all as 1 track(is this correct?) All I want to do is make a multiple track disc that sounds clean at the track changes!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!:/
Thank you both very much, I have been beating my head on my keyboard ready to trash my software. When I purchased cubase I told the guy "look I really want to just cut songs" he was like yeah this is what yu want. UUUGGGGHHH the people at these stores suck. Yes when I said track i mean break a long file into songs. As i said I am green as far as this astuff goes. Thanks again for the help.
If I may add a bit:

Cubase is merely an audio/midi sequencing software just like Cakewalk, and as such, doesn't have all the editing features necessary for manipulating a long wave file. While Axeman is correct that you can export sections of the file as separate songfiles, you will still have to arrange them, maybe edit some noise, then set track start and end times and track pauses. Cubase doesn't have that ability and the ability to burn to cd.

Nero and some burning software have wav editors and some fx built in, as well as the ability to set track start times and pauses between tracks. Editing features in these cd burning software are limited, IMO.

Personally, I find audio editing software to be the best solution. Adobe Audition, Sound Forge w/ CD Architect, and Wavelab (even Samplitude) all have the necessary tools to manipulate a large wav file and break it up into individual tracks. All have the ability to clean up and edit the tracks when necessary. And all have the ability to burn to red book audio cd standards.

I'm confused- what do you mean by "track"? Are you saying that you want to be able to break music up into seperate instrument tracks (guitar, bass, drums, vocals)? If so, the answer is that you can't with the Sony Dat recorder- I'm not even sure that the Dat records in stereo (which would be two tracks at best).

If by "tracks", you mean splitting a long performance into seperate songs, that shouldn't be too hard. I don't know Cubase (I'm a Cakewalk guy), but in general it shoud go like this:

Dump your long performance as a single continuous track, find the start time of the song you want, make that the "from" time, find the stop time of the song, make that the "to" time. Select everything between "from" and "to", the export that as a wave file, name it and save it. Do that with each song, then use your CD burning software to make an audio CD of all the tracks.
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