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Thread No MIDI output device

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1 No MIDI output device
Simple as it is...

I just got into my SONAR 4 (I just bought the computer as well...)

The MIDI inputs box show me nothing but a microsoft MIDI mapers and NO output device...

This means that I have to buy some soundcard or whatever???? All the tutorials says that the box shows nothing to you that means that you don't have a MIDI output device!!! Woooo....thanks, but what should I really do if it happens?????

Thanks to you all mates!!!!!!!
First of all, Sonar is a midi AND audio sequencer. If your computer/motherboard has any kind of onboard sound, Sonar will utilize that for audio output (and input, if possible). If the motherboard also has a joystick port, chances are it has a midi port available. Since no midi ports are present in sonar, it's safe to assume your motherboard doesn't have midi INPUT, but it can output midi using the Microsoft GS Wavetable synth. In Sonar 4, the better option would be to use the included TTS-1 synth which is a software equivalent of the Roland SC-88 module. This synth cannot be used outside of Sonar, though.

For midi input, you will require a midi interface of some sort. There are several USB keyboard controllers out there by Edirol, Novation, MAudio, Emu; some even double as audio interfaces as well. I suggest you pick up some of the Sonar tutorials available (like Sonar 4 Power or CSi Master Sonar) if you need to know more about your software. Also do some browsing at www.tweakheadz.com if you want to know more about midi and audio.

For the unhappy user who could not find MIDI inputs

Hello, the same happened to me: I bought myself a laptop hoping that I could go anywhere - be it at the seaside or on the top of a mountain - and have peace to create music - but I could not get one single note because I could not hear anything. Someone told me I should by a special keyboard to link it to the laptop - but the hint was to have as little luggagge as possible !
I could find an excellent answer on a forum - and I want to share this with you:

1. Open the program Sonar 4.
2. From the first bar right under the blue title bar select OPTIONS
3. [a column is opened]: select AUDIO...
4. [a window is opened]: select ADVANCED
5. Look for the small window called DRIVER MODE
6.From the arrow, select the option MME (32 Bit)
7. Click OK
8. Close the program SONAR 4 and restart it (only the program, not the computer)
9. If you receive again the message NO MIDI INPUTS, select in this window 1-Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth which should appear.
I guess things will be OK from now on. Good luck and good creations !

I am grateful. I found your post through Google. Your info has probably helped many, many people. Thanks much, Holiday Cheer! Beau