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Thread Aardvark LX6/Sonar 3 Problems

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1 Aardvark LX6/Sonar 3 Problems
I am trying to record a track in Sonar 3. I began by plugging my mic into my Behringer UB1202 mixer, which goes into an Aardvark LX6 sound card breakout box. I got no sound and no signal registering on Sonar's recording meter.

So, I set out to discover where the problem was. I plugged my headphones directly into the mixer, and I heard sound and saw the mixer's meter react properly. Then I plugged my headphones into the LX6. What happened was strange. I did hear sound from the mic, but I had to turn the monitor level all the way up on the breakout box to hear it well. And, my Aardvark Control Panel (software on my computer) showed no signal at all! So, the sound was somehow getting to the LX6, because I heard it, but it wasn't registering on the computer.

I then started up Sonar, enabled track 1 in a new project, checked to be sure I had my audio options set to the LX6 driver (1,2 for both playback and recording), and plugged my headphones into my computer's headphone jack. No sound, nothing on the Sonar meter.

Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I'm using my tape in and outs on the mixer to get to and from the LX6. Have I configured Sonar incorrectly? Is it a Win XP issue? Is it a driver issue? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


Paul S.
I would start by checking:
-the volume in the Windows mixer. Your inputs might be disabled or have a very low volule setting
-that your Behringer mixer is set to send the "main mix" signal to the "tape out"

Lets us know about your investigation