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Thread N00b questions

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Topic N00b questions
I play in a band and i would really like to record demo's at home
The only problem is "what the heck will i be needing? "

- I would like to mix the songs with my computer
- I guess i would record all instruments and vocals ceperatly

And how would i have to record drums ?
Don't i need like at least a 8 input mixer and stuff ? :rolleyes:

Please let me know what i 'll be needing and how much it's gonna cost me

You will need a multiple input sound card for your computer. Maybe more than one if you need to record more than 8 tracks at a shot. Take a look at the MAudio Delta 1010 to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

You will need a mixer that has enough channels with direct channel outs to cover all of the inputs you want to record. Behringer makes good inexpensive stuff.

You will probably need at least 4 drum mics. To keep them seperate so you can mix them on the computer (say, a snare mic, a kick mic and a stereo pair of mics overhead), you will have to give each of them a track in the mix, so that's 4 tracks of recording right there. Or, with practice, you can cut this in half by getting a small outboard mixer just for the drums and then sending that submix as a stereo pair (2 tracks) to the sound card.

You will need multitrack software like Sonar, Cubase, or ProTools. You will probably also need a mastering program like SoundForge.

You will need a set of monitors to mix on. Regular computer speakers won't cut it if you want to put out a decent sounding demo.

You will need a lot of practice, too! :D
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